Unsure How to Use the Machines in the Gym

Are You Just starting out and are unsure about how to use machines at the gym?

One of the biggest worries we face with new members is that they are concerned with how to use the machines and free weights.

This is an incredibly common problem and is one of the major reasons why a high percentage  of new gym goers end up leaving after only a very short stay.

All the motivation you had when you started the gym can be quickly sapped by uncertainty and lack of a clear direction with your training.

With no idea about how to get started or what to do as part of a workout program the gym becomes a hated activity not a productive and enjoyabel one.

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer to Show You How to Get Started?

You could pay a personal trainer to show you the ropes and this in itself is a lottery as there are many PTs who are almost just as bad at their own training as you are. Many have qualified after just 2-3 months of training and qualifications for PTs are very easy to get.

  • Ministry coaches are experts in their trade and are absolutely a good choice if you have the money to invest in their services.

  • We only allow coaches to work at our gym who have a proven track record of results and extensive experience working with clients in a professional capacity.

  • For this reason many of our coaches are regularly fully booked so it may be hard to get a session and what if you don’t have £40-£80 a week to spend on a coach? 

One of the reasons that Ministry’s membership fees are higher than many other gyms is because we really care about the member’s journey and provide more value for our members than simply a gym.

The beginning of that journey is possibly the most important aspect.

Launch Pad will show you how to use machines and free weights in a small group session

At Ministry of Fitness, we have recognised that there is a real need to help new and inexperienced members.

We provide a small group PT session twice a week called Launch Pad which takes new members through workouts using the machines and the standard free weights.

This has huge benefits to the member in that they quickly learn how to use the machines effectively and they feel more confident in using the gym by themselves.

This also has knock on benefits for the wider gym community as if more people are training with proper form and technique this brings up the quality of the wider gym workouts and helps prevent bad form and injury

Good form using the machines leads to more muscle and less injury

A major mistake is that people go too heavy too soon on machines thinking that they are safe and this forms part of the root of the problem.

In the quest for quick results they neglect proper form and the initial bad habits become the way they do things. Before long the weight becomes an injury and this leads to their first gym injury.

Because they are not stimulating the target muscle properly they see very little in terms of results and this only compounds their thought that they are wasting their time.

Productive workouts from the first day

By learning how to use the machines properly right from the start you will ensure that your gym journey is a productive and enjoyable one. You’ll hopefully stay injury free and get a leaner stronger body with more confidence.

Weekend classes for convenience and quiet

Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday which are quiet times to allow you to train with confidence and if you make mistakes to not be concerned that others will see.

New Member Priority access

If you have just joined or are about to join Ministry then you’ll get priority access to the Launch Pad classes to ensure you get started the right way 

Become a Ministry Member and Start Transforming Your Body Now

Sign up online and get immediate access to our member coaching app with full guides and workouts on using the gym equipment.

Book your Launch Pad class as soon as you sign up and benefit from our expert coaches knowledge in transforming your body.

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