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weight training

Full and Unrestricted Access to Our Extensive Range of Gym Equipment

No limit on sessions per week or time in the gym. Use our app to book time in the gym right up to 5 minutes before you visit.


Unlimited Classes

Book in using our app or in the gym. Does not apply to private hire classes or small group coaching.

health and nutrition

Biometric Monitoring of Your Health and Fitness with State of the Art Equipment

Myzone enabled studios for real time exercise performance and medical body composition scanners to track your changes over time.

Coaching App

Ministry Coaching App

Huge library of workouts designed by our coaching team. On demand full video workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. Nutrition advice and 30 recipes a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a 12 month agreement on a direct debit membership.  This renews every year for 12 months which allows us to administer the member benefits easily.   However if you ever wish to cancel just go to our CANCELLATION PAGE  and we will be happy to cancel, no hassle guaranteed.   We only ask for 30 days notice so we can make sure all Direct Debits are cancelled.  Please don’t email us the night before your payment  is due then complain that  it isn’t actioned the next day.   We are good but not that good.

We don’t offer this option because when we used to do this our time was spent chasing people for missed payments.  We also found that the majority of members who preferred this option often mistreated the equipment and were anti social.  We have a great community and that’s built on long term commitments from our members via a monthly direct debit.

We offer a bulk purchase of day passes that can be bought through the website or in the gym.  This will work out much cheaper than buying individual passes.   Click HERE

The coaching app is free to all new members for 3 months.  After this you can continue to keep it for a small bolt on of £3.99/month.  This covers the app admin fee we pay and the cost of the features we supply.  The app is intended to help members make progress, not to be a huge money spinner.  Any profits go back into new gym equipment.  You’ll get a few reminders when your trial period ends and you’ll only pay the extra if you choose to continue.

We are committed to providing an awesome member experience.  Part of that is ensuring that  the gym is not too busy.  An overcrowded gym just annoys people and actually lengthens the time it takes to train which knocks on for the rest of the day/evening. 

You  can book in for any session you wish on ‘Open Gym’ and by limiting to 55 people we ensure that the gym complies with COVID requirements and also prevents overcrowding.  Please note that legally our attendance can be 90 people and we have kept it at 55 to ensure you  have the best workout possible.

We use an Accuniq 380 which is tested in a research environment and is used in hospitals to establish muscle and fat content of the body.  The Accuniq is much more powerful than normal machines in chemists or commercial gyms where you put £1 in and get a little print out receipt. 

We give all new members 3 scans in the 3 months after they join so you can see your progress over time.  The coach who supervises the test will also give you help on how to improve your body composition using our app.

The scanner data links in with your Myzone app so you can monitor how your workouts directly affect your progress.

The majority of classes are free to all members.  Currently the only private classes are Kickboxing.  You can book in for any of the free gym classes through the Team Up app.  To see our full timetable go here

Yes, we have a Under 18s membership which can be set up in the gym for any of your children and paid from your bank account.  Children under 16 years old are FREE.  They will still need a membership to access the gym and you will have to accompany any of your Under 16 children at all times in the gym but 1-18 year olds can use by themselves.

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