The Dumbbell is the most used piece of kit in any gym.  Hundreds of uses a day and still there are gyms that invest in very cheaply made Dumbbells that come apart or have a rubber coating that comes loose and can make a pair misbalanced.

Because we love training we also want the best to train with so we have invested in the best Dumbbells in the world.  Endorsed by renowned strength coach Charles Poloquin are the Steel Dumbbells manufactured by Watsons Gym Equipment.

While not cheap they are virtually indestructable and are manuactured from a solid steel billet which makes a more sturdy weight.  Traditional Iron cast dumbbells have micro holes through them which makes the size of the dumbbells much bigger especially in the higher weight ranges which can make balancing them very cumbersome.

We also have a set of high quality rubber encased Dumbbells with a different grip for variation.

Our Silver set Dumbbells go up to 70kg.  We also have a pair of 83kg Dumbbells. Finally we have one 150kg Dumbbell.  For laughs

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