Get the body you always wanted, eating only the foods you like, doing the workouts that you love

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testimonial for leanne who lost weight on the super 6 program at Ministry of Fitness gym in Bristol

Fed up of making no progress in the gym?

It’s a fact that many people who attend gyms never get the results they want.

Training 3,4,5 days a week

Classes, weights and cardio

For almost no change

Many people are stuck in repetitive workouts and feel bored

A high percentage of gym leavers do so because the gym isn’t interesting anymore and they become bored from doing the same thing every day with no results.

testimonial for Olivia who obtained new knowledge of the gym and how to use the equipment on the Super 6 program at Ministry of Fitness gym in Bristol

People can't see small changes and get frustrated that nothing is happening

Because they only are measuring body weight they don’t see the smaller changes happening and quit before it starts to show in the mirror

"I've lost body fat, more than I have done trying to achieve this prior to the program" - Leanne

Winners presentation at the ministry of fitness birthday lifting competition 2023

We love seeing our members smashing their goals and achieving things they never thought possible

As well as our competitions and member events we also have small group coaching classes to improve lifting form and confidence.

Super 6 is an extension of this dedication to helping our members excel in every way. It’s designed to ensure the hard work you put in at the gym is supported by what you do outside of it.

After talking with our members there was 3 main problems that kept coming up

These were

  • Pointless Workouts
  • Mindless Eating
  • Difficult to Stay on a Plan

Pointless Workouts

People had been doing the same workouts for years. 

They were bored of them.

They weren’t seeing the results and at best were stuck looking the same, maintaining a physique when they wanted to improve.

Mindless Eating

They would be ‘good’ for most of the week but would overeat on the weekends or in the evenings watching TV

They also didn’t know how much they should be eating, or what types of food.

Difficult to Stay on Plan

They would start a new plan or diet and would stick with it for a few weeks before life got in the way.

They couldn’t get started again and went back to their old habits

From this feedback we designed Super 6 to deliver 3 things

These were

  • Productive Workouts
  • Smarter Eating
  • Making it Easy to Stay on Plan

Productive Workouts

Through our coaching app we provided specific workouts for 

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Bodybuilding
  • Powerlifting
  • Core Conditioning
Designed by our expert coaching team

Smarter Eating

We gave our members tailored, flexible eating plans which reflected their goals.

These were free choice and fitted around the lifestyle of the member.

They only ate the foods they liked and in line with their day.

Easy to Stay on Plan

We provided a private coaching group for support and advice.

As well as a weekly drop in session if they needed a chat with a coach.

"A diet I could comfortably follow without feeling like I was punishing myself" - Ben

Here's what people are saying about Super 6

Super 6 is helping Ministry members transform their lives, develop a better relationship with food, enjoy very workout while building a stronger, leaner body.

Here’s what you get…

All this

For only £99!

"I feel more energetic from making better choices" - Simon

Ben Dropped over 10% Body Fat and Gained 13kg in Lean Mass

Following the bodybuilding style training in the program Ben completely transformed his physique.

Bodybuilding is just one of 4 specific programs that Super 6 offers depending on your goals

Hi I'm Tom
Co-owner of Ministry of Fitness

I’m also one of the coaches for Super 6.

I can imagine you may have some questions about the program.

I’d love to have a chat to see if Super 6 (and Ministry) is right for you.

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